Boarding at the Wedge,
Country Dog Care and Dog Training in Baltimore County, Maryland


Prices posted Dec 13 21, 2011. These prices SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.
Boarding Fees
We reserve the right to refuse boarding and training services at our arbitrary choice.
Service Cost
Boarding - one dog, single wide run
(4' by 16 ' outside, 4' by 4' inside)
Boarding - two smaller dogs, single wide run
(4' by 16 ' outside, 4' by 4' inside)
$30/day total for both dogs
Boarding - one or two dogs, double wide run
(8' by 16 ' outside)
$30/day total for both dogs(if available)
Boarding - one or two dogs, extra large (10' by 80') run with 6' by 8' mini-barn shelter building $35/day total for both dogs(if available)
When two dogs are kept together they MUST be used to living together and DO NOT FIGHT over food or toys or have DIFFERENT DIETARY needs.
IN ADDITION they must be close enough in size that the larger one cannot accidentally injure the smaller one if a collision were to occur when the dogs run around the enclosure at high speed.
PREPAID Special Monthly Boarding Rates - per kennel run - BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT $450 1st dog; $300 each additional dog. (monthly rates available OFF SEASON only)
Training Fees
Service Cost
Basic Obedience - Private Session -Single Person or Family Group$40 - one dog, any number of family members - first session. Subsequent sessions $20.
Multi-dog private sessions: $8 each addtional dog/handler pair
Basic Obedience - Group Session$10 per dog/handler pair
Basic Obedience - Group Session (prepaid)$8 per dog/handler pair prepaid in sets of 4 sessions
Beginning Agility - Individual Sessions$25 1/2 hour supervised
Beginning Agility - Group Session$15 per dog/handler pair
Access to Agility Equipment$20 1/2 hour supervised
Access to Agility Equipment$10 1/2 hour unsupervised (requires at least one supervised session)
Handler must be certified by going through at least one supervised session
Use of 8 Acre fenced in exercise field (field has 52 inch fence) Single owner or group of owners whose dogs know each other well $15 per hour (dogs must be supervised by owner and have valid shot certificates)

  • Our Dog Training Program.
  • Our Boarding Program -Individualized care in a country setting available for your dog
    • Basic boarding for $25/day/per for a single dog or $450/month (Sept through May except Christmas/New Years) in our standard kennel run. Care of multiple dogs from the same family and use of larger runs priced proportionally higher. Walking and play sessions are additional.
    • Individualized indoor-outdoor runs in a country setting.
        Run sizes
      • Basic kennel run is 4 feet by 16 feet outside with a 4 foot by 4 foot indoor stall with a hard rubber floor.
      • Double wide runs are available for a slightly higher price.
      • A few larger (up to 12 by 60 foot) runs with dog houses are also available.
    • Individual exercise and play sessions may be arranged for an additional fee provided that the dog is comfortable with us. Very shy or aggressive dogs are not enrolled in the walking/play session services.
    • Basic bathing and grooming services available. Brushing out is charged by the 15 minute interval.
    • The normal hours that the kennel is open for pick ups and drop offs are:
      8-12AM, 4-6PM Mon through Sat except major holidays.
    • In some cases individual appointments can be arranged outside of these hours.

      Boarding at the Wedge is located in Baltimore County 8 miles north of the Baltimore Beltway. It is basically 15 minutes from Towson, MD - 20 minutes from Bel Air, MD and 18 minutes from Hunt Valley, MD

      Phone 410-592-9090 for reservations

      Mention this ad and you get 10% off our current prices on your first boarding or training session.

      Basic Requirements for our dog guests and training clients.

      • Current, veterinarian signed, Rabies Certificate
      • Proof of other shots: Distemper, Leptospirosis, Adenovirus, Parinfluenza, Bordatella (kennel cough). Shots should be given at least 10 days before boarding.
      • Be on heartworm preventive medication. The incidence of heartworm is very high in unprotected dogs in Maryland that are exposed to the outside.
      • Flea free. We highly reccommend the modern technology flea treatments such as Advantage, Program or Frontline. If the dog has fleas when it comes in we will treat it with Frontline at an appropriate charge.
      • We cannot board puppies that are too young to be fully vaccinated. This means puppies must be at least 4 1/2 months old and have received their final Parvo shot at 16 weeks of age. In Maryland puppies over 4 months of age are required to have a rabies shot.

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